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Scorpion Training & Leisure-ware

Other than the products listed below, all other Ilkeston RUFC training, leisure-ware can be ordered direct from The Ilkeston Rugby Halbro Shop

The Stute Shop

The club shop at The Stute will keep the following items below in stock as they are either non-Scorpion products or they are needed on demand.

Club playing shirts can also be ordered through this link.

These can be purchased when ever the shop is open or here online. Your order will be made up and held at the shop for you to pick up when you next come in.

Elks Blue Rugby Socks10 to 3£9.00
Elks Blue Rugby Socks3 to 7, 7 to 11, 11+£11.00
IRUFC Blue Rugby Shorts22",24",26",28",30",32"£18.50
IRUFC Blue Rugby Shorts34",36",38",40",42"£22.00
Club TiesOne Size£10.00
Elks Bobble HatOne Size£ Out of Stock
Oddball IRUFC Beach TowelOne Size£12.00
Oddball IRUFC BoxersS,M,L,XL,2XL£8.00
Odball IRUFC Kids Hipsters6/7yr,7/8yr,9/10yr,11/12yr£6.00
Mini Section Playing Shirts£