Vacant Volunteer Positions

Vacant Volunteer Positions

Volunteers urgently needed to fulfil the following roles

If you are interested in doing any of these, please drop an email to and I will give you an idea of what the position entails before you consider it further. The club is in a great position currently, with many thanks going to Carol and Gordon for creating such a lovely atmosphere at The Stute, however we do need more assistance from volunteers to help us run the many sections of the club. The following positions need filling

Junior & Mini Chairman or Woman
As some of you may remember, I announced on presentation day that I was stepping down from the position of Junior/Mini Chairman and I have subsequently taken up the position of Club Chairman. Hence we now need to fill the position of Junior/Mini Chairman again.

Junior Registrar
Whose role it is to assemble a definitive list of mini/junior players from coaches weekly registers and from that a list of who has paid subs.

First Aid Coordinator
Needed to help recruit volunteers for each age group to help with first aid and to make sure that each is qualified in line with the clubs First Aid Policy. To help arrange the appropriate training for the club and to revue records of incidents. etc.

First Aiders
We are currently arranging training so that a member of the coaching team for each age group is first aid trained and they will act as the first aid lead for their age group, however we also need to recruit secondary positions within each age group who may be able to assist when necessary and who can take over responsibilities if on a rare occasion the lead first aider is not present.

I am aware that amongst our parent body we do have parents who are medically trained either as their vocation e.g. Doctors and Nurses or as part of their job training e.g. Fireman and their first responder training. I will be writing to those that we are aware of to do two things, one to reassure them that we aware that rugby is their leisure time and we would not want to over burden them during this time, but also two, would they consider the secondary role within the age group to help the club.

Just to clarify a frequently asked question from health professionals volunteering to help the club in this capacity, our RFU Club’s Public Liability does provide full cover for lay providers of first aid (e.g. coaches, referees and other volunteers and for anyone (including Health Care and Allied Health Professionals who provide first aid in the event of an emergency e.g. a Good Samaritan act).

Assistant Coaches
We are also looking for parents and players to help assist with coaching certain age groups who are a little light on coaching staff. These age groups do have a hard working lead coach but they will need assistance whilst running sessions or managing teams during a fixture and to take sessions during the odd time that they cant be present. Currently we are looking for help for the U6 and U8 age groups, plus others.

Shop Assistants
Help needed to run the shop and sell kit on Sundays.

Bonfire Night Helpers
We will need volunteers to man the outside bar, help with marshalling etc.