Website Membership

Website Membership

We receive Website Membership requests on a weekly basis and there are a variety of types available which are listed below along with a brief explanation. Aside from the obvious restrictions surrounding Player and Staff membership the main one to highlight is “Club Member” which is only open to paying members.


Anyone can become a supporter of our club. You won’t have access to any members only content, but can subscribe to the weekly roundup and post comments on public forums.

Club Member

To be a Club Member you must have paid a membership subscription (details of which can be found under Subscriptions). Any Club Member request from someone that hasn’t paid their Annual Subscription will be declined. In addition to the benefits of being a supporter, Club Members can access “members only” content and post comments in private forums.


In addition to the benefits of being a Club Member, Players can update their own profiles and set their availability for forthcoming fixtures. All players should therefore be registered on our website.

Coach/Team Staff

Coaches and Team Staff have similar benefits as Players and are associated with the appropriate Coach or Team Staff profile.


Parents are linked to a team. They have the same benefits as a Club Member.


These are committee members or anyone with a designated role within the club. Staff have the same benefits as Club Members.

Team Admin

A Team Administrator can control fixtures and related information for a specific team. This includes match reports, statistics and team news. Team Admin requests are not automatically granted and require committee authorisation

Primary Webmaster/Webmaster

The primary webmaster/webmaster have full administrative control of the website and are by committee appointment only.

NB…By making a Website Membership request you are authorising IRUFC to contact you by e-mail with news and offers linked to the club.


IRUFC Website Membership Types